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Family Friendly Mince Recipes

A popular choice in many Kiwi households due to the affordability and versatility, mince serves as a great starting point for so many recipes.

Whether you’re preparing meatballs, tacos or pastas, mince provides a firm foundation for creating healthy, flavourful meals. Nutritionally sound, both beef mince and lamb mince are readily available and can easily be swapped in and out of recipes.

Cottage Pie

Use whatever vegetables you have on hand, this is a truly flexible recipe. Swap the potato for kumara mash if you like and the lentils help stretch things a little further.

Sausage Rolls

A Kiwi classic, these babies are great to prep ahead of time and keep in the freezer for impromptu gatherings, or an easy future meal. Don’t forget the tomato sauce.

Easy Mexi Mince

This Mexi mince is a great foundation dish, lending itself to so many other creations with it’s versatility and flexibility - tortilla cups, little pies, and so much more!

Madras Meatballs with Tortillas

Stuff in a tortilla or pita with salad or serve with rice, chutney and veggies – they’re spiced but not hot, so the kids will still give them a go!

Glazed Meatball Bake

Get the kids involved with making this – it’s simple to pull together, healthy and delicious too! Swap the beef mince for lamb mince if you’re feeling like a change.


Quesadillas are a great way to use up leftover mince and odd vegetables in the fridge. Here we combine the pantry staple - canned baked beans with grated cheese for a kid friendly winner.

Vege Packed Lamb Sliders

These little lamb burgers are totally delicious and the veggie-loaded burger patties help ensure the kids are getting their veggies in!


The other Mexican staple in most households is tacos. Soft shell, crisp shell, they’re all great. This is a basic recipe that allows you to add and flex where you want to.

Hummus with Crispy Mince

Hummus provides a delicious base to be topped with crispy mince and delicious vegetables. Serve with pita bread for trawling through.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

In honour of the beloved kids song, this family favourite gets rolled out week in, week out and is a winner with our teammate Stacey Waaka.


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