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New Zealand Lamb: a local ingredient, but globally loved

National Lamb Day is a celebration of the date the first shipment of New Zealand lamb arrived in London after a long voyage from our shores in 1882. Since then many immigrants from across the globe have arrived on our shores to call Aotearoa home, and with them they brought flavours from their homelands, including some exotic and exciting lamb dishes.

From Lebanon to Indonesia and everything in-between, the versatility of lamb is showcased in this collection of dishes from around the world. If you’re feeling like something a little different to our traditional Kiwi lamb roast to celebrate National Lamb Day, then check out these recipes.



We challenge you to find anyone who doesn’t love Thai food. This red lamb curry brings together those refreshing flavours of lemongrass, ginger, and lime, with the rich creaminess of coconut cream which makes this cuisine so popular. Using a store brought red curry paste makes this recipe particularly quick to assemble.



Pomegranate is a great example of an authentic Lebanese ingredient, adding a tangy, sweet and sour taste to excite the taste buds. Sprinkled with jewel-like pomegranate seeds and drenched with pomegranate syrup this pizza has panache to spare.



We love a great salad and this is packed full of flavour and goodness. The sweetness of the lamb and green beans sits beautifully against the olives and feta - don't miss the dressing, it's simple but delicious.



Even in the height of summer, a lamb korma is a thing of beauty. Paired with unctuous mushrooms, it's an easy family dinner, especially midweek. Serve with naan on the side for mopping up juices.



Grab the flavours of China and gently marinate cubes of lamb to transform these skewers into a barbecued dinner for the family. Cucumber salad is all that's needed to balance it out.



This lamb parmigiana is an absolute winner, dripping with mozzarella and accompanied with lightly pickled zucchini along with the punchy flavour of dried tomatoes, it brings together many of the flavours and foods we traditionally associate with popular Italian cuisine. The bonus is this recipe comes with a video showing you just how easy it is to produce this stunning-looking meal.



A truly marvellous combination that takes the flavours of Morocco and combines with the worlds favourite brunch, eggs benedict.



While not a traditional Nasi Goreng rice dish, we’ve used the same stimulating spices to marinate succulent lamb chops and then combined them with sweet tropical fruits such as mango and lychee. We reckon this recipe is worth firing up the BBQ for, even on a cold winter’s night.



A 'navarin' is a French ragout (or stew) traditionally served in the spring with seasonal vegetables, and well-loved for its inclusion of turnips. This dish is perfect to cook in the slow cooker and can be made even more authentic by swapping out the potatoes for turnips or swedes.


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Kiwi cuisine is massively influenced by the pairing of our world-leading produce and the influence of the myriad of cultures that have made Aotearoa home. These healthy homemade lamb burgers deliver the perfect fusion of New Zealand and the Mediterranean with native Kawakawa combining with a feta sauce seasoned with lemon, chopped mint, and crème fraîche.


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