The best freezer-friendly meals


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20 of the best freezer-friendly meals

What’s for dinner tonight? Is this a question you frequently ask yourself or maybe you constantly get asked? Let’s get that question answered. All you need is a free afternoon, some freezer-friendly recipes and a list of ingredients.

When it comes to freezer-friendly meals, you’ve got to make sure you pick a suitable recipe. As a rule of thumb, go for stews, mince recipes, soups, casseroles and pies over stir-fries, salads, and roasts. Here are some of our recipe recommendations.


Beef Shin Ragu

The Italian word ‘Ragù’ more or less means a meaty sauce for pasta (Bolognese is a type of ragù). This beef shin version is a lovely way to make a rich, flavoursome sauce using a very economical cut. I like the way the meltingly tender chunks of meat add a great texture to the sauce too. The sauce freezes well so it’s easy to whip up a quick meal on a weeknight, or you can use the slow cooker for the ragù during the day and cook the pasta when you get home.


Lancashire Hot Pot

Winter is a time for woolly socks and fireplaces, hot chocolates and of course, hot pots. This saucy casserole is covered in buttery potato slices and is sure to warm any belly on a winter night. It freezes beautifully so is also a great meal prep option.



A hearty cousin of lasagna, pastitsio is a Greek version of the dish and adds unexpected flavors to meat, tomatoes, and pasta. It is the signature dish at most local tavernas. A good family favourite, it can be prepared the day before and reheated easily, sliced into portions.


Mince, Spinach & Mushroom Lasagne

Lasagna is one of those dishes that seems like it is going to be tricky and time-consuming to make, but is actually surprisingly easy to prepare. This recipe makes a big batch, so it is a great dish to make to feed a crowd, but it is also a good option for meal prepping as it freezes well. It's also vege-packed with generous helpings of spinach and mushrooms.


Lamb & barley soup

Packed full of veges and with tender lamb, this soup is convenient and versatile. Leave it to simmer on the stovetop and enjoy, or freeze to bring out when you don’t have time to cook.



This classic Greek dish is ideal any time of the year, and when prepared 1-2 days in advance, can be refrigerated until ready to bake.


The best spaghetti & meatballs

It isn’t called the best spaghetti & meatballs for no reason. This recipe is consistently one of our most popular on the website. It’s quick and easy to make and the whole family will love it to.


Beef Lasange

We believe some things in life are worth taking a little time over, and lasagne is definitely one of them. It's one of the world’s most beloved meals, and for good reason; it’s tasty, rich, comforting soul food. This recipe makes a huge lasagne, so it’s great for a crowd – or make two smaller ones and freeze one.


Mexican-style mince

Our Mexican-Style Mince is super versatile and can be paired with rice, tacos, or wedges to name a few. For this recipe, we’ve paired it with corn chips, sour cream, and avocado.


Tasty mince with creamy mozzarella & basil parcels

Warm up a winters’ evening with these tasty mince parcels, the beautiful mix of mozzarella and basil is hard to turn down.



As delicious as they are quick and easy to prepare, polpettone are large meatballs, similar to meatloaf, and are from Italy. Perfect for a cold winter evening!


On top of spaghetti

Mince is a favourite in Kiwi kitchens and we think this recipe will be your new go-to. Get the kids involved to help roll the meatballs and you’ll have dinner served in no time - but don't expect leftovers.


Magic mince

Versatile, quick, and delicious, mince is a Kiwi favourite. Easy to whip up for a variety of different meals, this is a recipe to always keep on hand.


Pulled beef nachos

You can't go past pull-apart beef, served with nachos, sour cream and coriander. Make sure to pass the lime wedges.


Pasta Pie

A classic combination is remade into a creamy, family-pleasing pasta pie. This makes it perfect to slice for a light lunch, pop into a lunchbox, or take on a picnic. This version is made with leftover lamb.


Skewered Rogan Josh

These lamb Rogan Josh skewers are sure to satisfy all taste buds. Served with a delicious lemon and mint yoghurt sauce, naan bread, and raw veges.


Greek lamb sausage rolls

Perfect for shared lunch or parties, these sausage rolls are no ordinary finger food. Tasty goodies are added to the lamb mince for the great Greek-style filling. Serve straight out of oven. They’ll be gobbled up very quickly.


Shepherd's pie

A classic with a Kiwi twist. The addition of kumara makes a change from the well-known potato topping - and we love the taste of lamb and kumara together. We bet the little ones in your family will love this meal just as much as you.


Beef & Potato-Top Bake

Think of this dish as a delicious twist on a shepherd’s or cottage pot pie, using lovely chunks of beef (rather than mince), which are so tender they fall apart on your fork. Using cost-effective ingredients, it’s lovely and simple to make and tastes sensational.


Family Pasta Bake

One for the family for those Sunday nights, when all you really want is to chill out with a lazy meal in front of the television and a glass of wine, before the week roars into life the next day. Leftovers are great for heating up to make an easy family meal or office lunch the next day. Suitable for toddlers.

Posted by Shawn Moodie