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Making Cooking Easier - Batch Cooking & Cook Once, Eat Twice

Had a busy day working from home while juggling the kids’ schoolwork? Spent the afternoon queueing outside the supermarket? Time to embrace the fine art of batch cooking and philosophy of 'cook once, eat twice'.

Check out these recipe ideas to make dinner time that much easier, there might be a few new ideas there you haven’t considered. An added bonus is, these recipes are all perfect for the freezer.

Beef Korma Curry

This spicy meal of deliciousness makes a huge batch and can easily be frozen for a second night. Change up the amount of hot spices to adjust to your family’s preferences. Or turn it into a korma curry pie for the second night.

Slow Cooked Teriyaki Beef

The versatility of this beef recipe means you can simply serve with rice, mashed potatoes or steamed greens. But we love the idea of cook once, eat twice so we tend to split the beef across two of our favourite recipes; the Teriyaki Beef Bowl and the Teriyaki Sushi Cake. This recipe will keep for 3 days when refrigerated or up to 6 months when frozen.

Sri Lankan Curry

We thought we’d pop in another curry as they’re perfect for the winter months. This big curry feeds a family of 4 two meals, it uses a seriously good homemade curry paste and the flavours develop beautifully when left for a day or two.

Mexican Mince

This is an oldie but a goodie. When doubled up it makes a huge batch for the freezer, ready to serve on baked potatoes, with tacos, in a wrap, over rice or even on toast, the possibilities are endless. When avocados and tomatoes are in season serve it with a wicked guacamole and salsa, and for those that like it hot, some extra chilli sauce.

Hearty Beef, Orange & Lentil Stew

Its called Hearty Beef Stew for a reason. Packed with powerful flavours of orange and cinnamon to bring out the beautiful taste of the slow cooked beef, we can't go past this one-pot wonder. Ease of cooking is at the core of this dish as the oven or slow cooker does all the hard work. Serve on-top rice, pasta or mashed potato with a serving of seasonal greens. Freeze leftovers or enjoy for lunch the following day.

Slow Cooked Pulled Lamb

This is a beauty for throwing into the slow cooker or oven and lettign the appliance do all the hard work. Use this to top pizzas, throw into sandwiches, or toss through pasta for a delicious easy meal.

Beef & Lentil Taco Soup

This recipe is all about no fuss prep, and letting the slow cooker take care of the rest. Make extra and freeze the leftovers or have for a quick and easy lunch the following day.

Beef and lentil cottage pie

If you’re wanting to make the mince and dollars go further, you can’t go past this family favourite. You can even add an extra can of lentils and one more carrot to stretch the meal even more. Pop it into two separate dishes, once cooked, eat one and pop the other into the freezer.

Slow Cooked Beef Cheeks

Beef cheeks, when cooked long and slow result in tender, juicy and flavoursome beef. We like to triple this recipe and freeze it to go into beef cheek and vegetable pies, tossed through pasta with sautéed kale, or served with simple seasonal veggies and mash.


Posted by Regina Wypych