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The Perfect Recipes For Father's Day

Treat dad to something extra special this Father's Day.

Whether it’s breakfast, a barbecue, breakfast in bed, or a hearty Sunday lunch, we’ve got all the Father’s Day recipes you need to make him feel like a king.


Moroccan Lamb Benedict

If you're looking for a great Father's Day breakfast option then look no further than this Moroccan Lamb Benedict. One of our favorite foods from Morocco is kofta – who can resist minced lamb and onion packed onto a skewer and cooked on a charcoal grill? This recipe puts a brunch twist on this lamb dish, swapping out skewers for patties and English muffins! The lamb brings so much flavour to the recipe and it’s a fun take on traditional eggs benedict. The Harissa, cumin, and paprika spices bring the flavours of Morocco and the onions keep the meat extra moist.


Brunch Beef Hash

Bring home that café feel this Father’s Day with this Brunch Beef hash. The recipe offers a fancy twist on everyday ingredients (but is still so easy to make). Just chop up your corned beef and potatoes, fry with onions, top with some feta and serve breakfast with a poached egg. Yum! While this recipe is a perfect way to use up that leftover corned beef from dinner, we think that this hash is a good enough reason to make corned beef in the first place.


Breakfast Burrito

Looking for a quick and easy recipe for Dad? Look no further than this delicious, protein-packed beefy breakfast burrito! Sliced sirloin steak sits lovingly alongside capsicums, mushrooms, avocados, and feta. We’ve also added a little chilli powder and paprika for an extra kick.


Breakfast Bolognese

This Breakfast Bolognese is a go-to for Father’s Day regardless of whether Dad’s searching for the perfect savoury Sunday brunch or more of an “eat-whatever’s-left-over-from-the-night-before”. There’s just something about the way the egg yolks break and combine with the really hearty, tomato-based sauce – it gets us every time!


Steak, Cheese, and Onion Melts

This is taking a steak sandwich to the next level. This dish suits being a lunch or dinner and Dad can choose whether to have a sandwich lid or just eat it open with a knife and fork.


Lamb Rump Steaks with Red Lentil Salad

Lamb rump steaks offer a great alternative protein this fathers day. They’re packed full of flavour and are perfectly complemented by a red lentil salad which is absolutely bursting with colour.


Hearty Lamb and Rosemary Pie

Is there anything better than a big hearty meat pie on Father’s Day? This one ticks all the boxes for me; incredibly tasty, loaded with veggies and using one of the most delicious cuts of lamb, the shoulder. All bundled up in a puff pastry shell, it’s equally good for a mid-week feast or when you’re entertaining.


Steak with stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Dad will absolutely love this delicious beef rump steak which is served alongside stuffed portobello mushrooms. The addition of ricotta cheese, chopped walnuts, and chives helps take this classic steak dinner to the next level!


Rib Eye Steaks with Hot Smashed Potatoes

Surprise your Dad with something a little more special than what you would normally barbecue. This is the ultimate recipe for when you want to impress without spending too long standing over the grill. Serve alongside smashed potatoes with aromatic rosemary and garlic to complement the beef perfectly.


Herb stuffed Butterflied Lamb

Cooking lamb is a great way to show Dad you care! This recipe has been tried and tested and believe us, it's perfect for Father’s Day. The lamb is meltingly tender and the herb stuffing adds bursts of flavour not to mention beautiful colour to the dish. But the best part? It's quick, which means more time to spend with Dad.

Posted by Shawn Moodie