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Stacey Waaka's Savvy Red Meat Tips

Hey everyone, it's Stacey Waaka. As a professional rugby player, I've figured out some awesome ways to keep my body in top shape. Needing to perform on the pitch day in, day out - I know how important it is to eat right.
Red meat has been a staple in my diet, and today, I'm pumped to share three fun and easy tips for incorporating it into your whānau’s meals, too.

1. Go lean and tasty with your protein

We all know that protein is essential for maintaining and building strong muscles and keeping us feeling fuller for longer. The leaner the red meat is, the better it is for us - such as cuts like lean sirloin, rump steak, or mince. These cuts pack a high-quality protein punch without the extra fat, and they're super versatile too – perfect for tacos, stir-fries, or even a classic roast to feed the whānau.


2. Pump up the iron (and energy!)

Ever feel like you're running on empty by the afternoon?

Iron is a key nutrient to help keep our energy levels up, and red meat is a great way to get it. Beef and lamb, for example, contains haem iron, which our bodies absorb more easily than non-haem iron from plant-based sources.

Adding some red meat to your family's meals 2-3 times a week is a great way to up everyone’s iron intake, which can help with energy levels (as part of a well-balanced diet and living healthy lifestyle of course).

3. Mix and match for a balanced plate

While red meat has its perks, it's important to balance our meals with other foods too – for taste, texture and nutrition. I love to pair my red meat dishes with heaps of colourful veggies, wholegrains or starchy vegetables, and a dollop of healthy fats (like smashed avo). Let your whānau pick out their favourite sides – they'll be more likely to enjoy their meal, and you'll feel great knowing they're getting a well-balanced plate.

Adding red meat, like beef or lamb, to your whānau's meals can be a nutritious and tasty choice. By choosing lean cuts that are packed with iron and protein, and balancing your meal with other food groups (like veggies and carbs), will help keep your family fuelled and ready to tackle whatever life throws their way.


Posted by Stacey Waaka