Top 6 French brunch recipes


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Head to France for brunch

We’re super excited about the Olympics but the time difference can be a little tricky between here and Paris. That’s why we’ll be watching the highlights every morning on Sky Go and with a good feed at the same time – think French inspired mince on toast, elegant egg dishes and that traditional French classic, the buckwheat galette!

Herby Omelette with Lamb Mince

Our digital manager loves a good omelette and this version is the perfect protein-rich brunch. Think lean lamb mince with courgetti and mint tucked in a thin omelette and topped with that winter fave – fresh spinach leaves.

Steak and brie baguette

If we’re thinking iconic food, the baguette is synonymous with France. Here we transform it into the best and only steak sandwich you’ll ever need. Sautéed portobello mushrooms layer in with brie, rocket and of course, slices of New Zealand’s finest grass fed beef.

Buckwheat Galette

A savoury crepe is always a winner and these buckwheat versions can be made ahead of time, giving you maximum time to watch the Olympics. We love the mushroom beef mince filling that when topped with spinach and cherry tomatoes, is a hearty winter breakfast that will charge you for the whole day.

Savoury mince filled croissant

Few things are as iconic for French food as the croissant. Rather than loading it up with sweet flavours, we’ve got a rich and savoury lamb mince topped with the perfectly fried egg. For the vegetables, fresh spinach and thickly cut tomatoes – but a little silverbeet or kale wouldn’t go astray either.

Farmhouse Breakfast

A rustic bake that is loaded with protein and winter vegetables: we love the mushrooms savouriness against the roasted tomatoes and quality lamb sausages. Throw everything in one big pan and let everyone help themselves from there – saves on dishes and the flavours all meld together.

Savoury French toast

We give eggy bread or French toast a total makeover and the result is this delicious savoury French toast. We’ve found some good quality lamb sausages from our local butcher, grabbed the perfectly ripe avocado and topped it all with the best poached egg.


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