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Burger basics 101: how to build the best burger

Sure, you can head out and grab a pretty decent burger these days. But there is something so satisfying about making your own at home. You can add in what you like, leave out what you don’t and save a bit of money at the same time.

These are not controversial but merely some simple tips and tricks to ensure you get the best burgers at home, each and every time.

1. Choose your meat

You need a little fat to make sure the burger isn’t dry, so avoid going too lean with your mince selection but instead make sure it's balanced.

2. Add your flavourings

A basic combination of garlic cloves and onion, finely diced gives you a great base to launch off. The world is your oyster and you can take the burgers into any direction you choose.

  • Think of adding chopped coriander and ground cumin for a Morrocan-esque spin on a lamb pattie
  • A couple of teaspoons of hoisin sauce and Chinese five spice adds a delicious Chinese spin on a beef pattie
3. Bind the pattie together

Add a beaten egg and a handful of breadcrumbs to help everything come together when shaping the pattie.

4. Shape the pattie

Give everything a thorough mix through and then carefully shape each pattie into a puck shape with your hands – damp hands will prevent the mince from sticking.

5. Season the burgers

Adding salt to the meat before it’s shaped draws the liquid from the meat and results in a dry burger. Sprinkling a little salt while it cooks is ideal if you’re adding salt at all.

6. Chill

Leaving your patties to hang out in the fridge helps them keep their shape while cooking and prevents them from falling apart. An hour or so is good amount of time.

7. Toast your buns

The toasting of the bread gives the sauce a solid foundation to stand on. It also gives another texture to your burger.

8. Get experimental

The sauces and toppings can really change things up! Different cheeses will add different tastes, as will whatever vegetables you choose – try caramelised onions, or smashed avocado or roast beetroot for a different take.

Then lean back and celebrate. Whether it's a dripping cheeseburger tucked into toasted buns, beef burgers piled high with all the fillings, or kid-friendly lamb sliders packed full of veggies – go ahead, satisfy those cravings, grill your meat, melt the cheese and enjoy a home-cooked burger.

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