Eight Galentine's Day recipes to share with friends


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Galentine’s Day recipes to share with friends

A completely fictious character from Parks and Recreation came up with the concept of Galentine’s Day. Created to fill the void where there are no official ceremonies, days or dates to recognise these all-important, often life-long relationships, we love the idea of spending a day showing your friends some extra love and appreciation.

So grab the Thelma to your Louise and spend the day celebrating with our eight favourite ways to celebrate friendships.

Lamb and Feta Puffs

These are one of the best pastries around. Easy to assemble, easy to make ahead and they’re perfect for a bring-a-plate situation or if you’re hosting an event.

Beef Wellington Bites

Served with a relish on the side, these are grown up sausage rolls with all the rich flavours of beef wellington.

Mexi Mince Tortilla Cups

Mexican food is perfect in summer, especially with tomatoes and avocados being so cheap and flavourful. Make the most of it by pulling out these little tortilla cups at your next gathering.

Lamb Meatballs with Hummus

A different take on the classic hummus dip at parties, these hot meatballs sit beautifully on a bed of homemade hummus. Serve with toothpicks and a pile of little napkins on the side.

Lamb Cutlets with Quinoa Crust

If you’re keen to go more premium, these lamb cutlets are easy to serve and just as easy to eat. The quinoa crust adds a new element instead of breadcrumbs and if you’ve got a crowd, simply double the recipe.

Magic Thai Tamarind Salad

Transport your guests to Thailand with this beautiful Thai salad. The recipe does call for beef steaks, but if you have lamb on hand – we highly recommend it!

Beef Medallions with Zesty Grain Salad

This is an elegant option and great if there are only two of you. Don’t worry about finding the grain, faro. Pearl barley is available in most supermarkets and is a fab stand-in.


Here we have two fail-safe burger recipes. Both are delicious, both are perfect for serving guests. Simply pick one flavour and make a few – you’ll hear no complaints.


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