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Favourite cuts for low 'n slow barbecue

These summer holidays are perfect for spending a day toiling over flames and meat, marrying the two to perfection for sharing with friends and family. But what are the best cuts for barbecuing low ‘n slow? What do you look for?

We recommend fattier cuts of meat, as they work well with low and slow cooking method. As the meat cooks, the fat melts, and the tough connective tissue breaks down, producing a tender, fall-off-your-fork, melt-in-your mouth bite. Let's have a look the best cuts for those delicious results.




We might as well call this the king of smoked meats. Thanks to an exceptionally thick layer of fat, it maintains its moisture while absorbing a great smoky flavour.


A lesser known cut in New Zealand, tender and juicy with a thick layer of fat, it is tender and has ana amazing flavour when gently cooked on the barbecue.

Short Ribs:

Smoked ribs can be quite luxurious when cooked right. A little tricker due to the bone, but when cooked well and with patience, can produce a truly tender, delicious results.




Lamb shoulder has a high fat content, which breaks down in a way that reveals a smoky meat with gamey texture. It is, however, difficult to find and pricier than alternative meats.


Similar to a shoulder, smoking a lamb leg needs to be cooked low and slow. One challenge unique to this cut of meat is it requires a level of creativity when positioning it thanks to an uneven build. Achieving the perfect internal temperature without over cooking one end and undercooking the other can be challenging at best.


If boneless, consider cutting the leg in half and only cooking one half at a time. You can also divide the halves on your smoker racks to ensure even smoking times.


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