The Best Schnitzel Recipes


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The best schnitzel recipes

How can one dish have so many variations?

Schnitzel has many names around the world: escalope in France, panado in Portugal, tonkatsu in Japan, chicken-chop in Malaysia, chicken-fried steak in the USA and so many more… Regardless of what you choose to call them, we do know they’re delicious, quick and easy to cook. Super versatile, schnitzel is a winner with everyone.

Once you’ve chosen what to crumb them with, schnitzels have the ideal balance of flavoursome meat and the tasty crisp crunch of the crumb coating. Delicious at dinner and even great the next day for lunch.

We’ve gathered the most popular schnitzel recipes in one place, remember to share your creations on social media and tag us!

Cheese and Mushroom Stuffed Schnitzels

We love these especially as the colder weather sets in. The recipe calls for blue cheese but we recommend using cheddar or mozzarella, especially if you’re feeding kids.

Italian Crumbed Beef Parmigiana

The classic parmigiana is given the full treatment with a vegetable laden sauce and fresh basil on top. If budget allows, stretch out and get the fresh buffalo mozzarella too.

Lamb Parmigiana

And again, also here with the classic parmigiana but with a lamby twist! None is better than the other, just both equally delicious and great for families!

Beef Schnitzel and Sauerkraut Sliders

Level up your burger game and combine the two family favourites for a true delicious classic. A simple mayo is great but if you can, make the one in this recipe – it’s perfect for cutting through the richness of the schnitzel.

Beef Schnitzels with Dill and Avocado Slaw

From previous Ambassador chef Andrew Clarke, this is an elegant take on schnitzel that has a beautiful slaw. Make double and it’s a great side dish with simple pan fried steaks the next night.

Beef Schnitzel with Creamy Cheese Sauce

This is a true winner with kids and really, what's not to love. Crunchy schnitzel, creamy cheese sauce and when you serve it with seasonal greens, it’s a great meal for the midweek hustle.


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