Ten Lamb Recipes for the Barbecue


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Summer Lamb on the Barbecue

We have the best lamb in the world– it is delicious, nutritious and when cooked on the barbecue, the perfect summer feed. We’re looking to get you inspired for National Lamb Day on 15 February with our top ten ways to cook lamb on the barbecue. So grab your friends, your family and celebrate New Zealand's food industry and it's producers!

Garlic, Red Wine and Rosemary Lamb Shoulder

A classic marinade, this is a winning lamb recipe that makes sure the lamb is the hero of the dish. Swap rosemary for thyme or whatever your garden has on hand. It’s delicious either way with a bucket-load of good salads and some crusty bread for mopping up juices.

Hot n Fast Lamb Ribs

If you have the set up – these are utterly divine. Grab a bottle of Rum and Que’s Meat Juice from your local butcher to help make these tasty morsels, they're perfect to celebrate with.

Lamb Skewers with Char Sui Sauce

These skewers are a great marriage between Chinese Dim Sum flavours and Kiwi produce. The whole family will love them, especially when served with a cucumber and carrot salad for freshness.

Greek Lamb Cutlets with Tzatziki

The combo of lemon, oregano and garlic is just so good and easy to pull together. We’ve swapped the lamb rack for loin chops or shoulders as well to a great success! Just make sure you adjust the cooking time to suit.

Balsamic Lamb Steaks with Israeli Couscous Salad

This is a firm favourite of the Beef + Lamb staff, especially for those busy week nights when you need something tasty and easy. Simply grill the lamb on the barbecue if it’s too warm to cook inside.

Roasted Lamb Rump with Green Sauce

This is a great recipe to adapt to the barbecue and it adds in a delicious smokey flavour that balances the zesty freshness of the green herb-laden sauce.

Crispy Mushroom and Lamb Sharwarma

Kids love this dinner and it’s great to pile everything in the middle of the table and let them assemble themselves! If you don’t have preserved lemons, use a squeeze of lemon juice and a pinch of salt instead.

Kiwi Lamb Burger

A true classic, featuring a herb laden lamb patty, fried egg, beetroot and all the trimmings. Make sure you use good quality burger buns to withstand all the toppings and be ware – these are messy!

Sticky Glazed Lamb Loin Chops

A favourite of top wahine, Stacey Waaka, these lamb loin chops are family-friendly with their Chinese flavours. Marinate the night before you’ve got an easy midweek meal that adults and kids will love.

Lemon, Honey and Rosemary Lamb Ribs

These are finger-licking good! Sticky, herby and if marinated overnight – they can be dinner on the table in under 20 minutes! Serve with a big salad and some sourdough to trawl through the juices.


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