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Seven delicious soups to bowl you over

Few things are more comforting than soup.

A big bowl or mug of broth, simmered with love can warm the chilliest of souls in winter. Bulked out with legumes, pulses or noodles, thickly blended or elegant broths, we have gathered the best nourishing soups to bowl you over.

Hot and sour dumpling soup

The heat and spices in this broth will blow the sniffles right out of your system! It’s like a warming hug, that’s a little addictive. If you don’t have the energy or time to make the beef dumplings, grab a packet from your local Asian supermarket.

Lamb, barley and vegetable soup

Tradition can be comforting and a pot of this bubbling away on the stovetop is just that. Mix and match the vegetables to what’s in season and what’s on hand – we’ve thrown in diced celery, silverbeet and kumara instead of potato for an equally delicious result!

Beef + lentil taco soup

Grab a can of lentil and a can of kidney beans for a protein-rich soup that tastes of Mexico in the winter. Swap the capsicum for carrot if they’re not available and we love it served with homemade tortilla chips.

Simple beef ramen

A dish that you can make your own at the table? Yes please! We love this simple beef ramen, serve the broth and noodles in bowls and allow everyone to add their own miso, beef, and vegetables to get the dinner that they love.

Lamb Meatball Soup

This beauty is a great way to stretch tiny lamb mince meatballs, get extra nutrients from the chickpeas and feed your family a healthy, delicious soup! Get the kids involved with rolling the meatballs, little hands are perfect for this!

Beef Pho

We believe this is the king of soups – the broth is iconic and beloved around the world. Make a huge batch and freeze them into portions for quick and easy pho later on – who doesn’t love that!

Hearty beef and vegetable soup

Loaded with vegetables, this is a slow cooker dream. Throw everything in the morning and turn on to low. Come home, add some ciabatta bread and you’ve got dinner in no time!


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