Top 10 Autumn Recipes with New Zealand Beef and Lamb


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Autumn Recipes To Fall in Love With

Autumn is upon us which means curling up away from the onslaught of chill, turning to warming curries, steak sandwiches and hearty pasta dishes as we celebrate the season while the night draws in.

We’ve gathered our 10 best autumn recipes for you and your family to share together.

Slow cooked beef cheeks on toast

This is the ultimate brunch recipe – think mince on toast, just elevated. We make the beef cheeks overnight in the slow cooker and then you’ve got a winning brunch the next day.

Korean Beef Bulgogi with Rump Steak

Intensely flavourful, this cooks fast once the steak is done marinating in a winning combo of sweet soy, garlic and ginger, making it perfect to combat the midweek hustle.

Lamb and Mushroom Korma

This easy curry features delicious mushrooms and tender lamb and is great with fresh roti, steamed rice and a little coriander sprinkled on top.

Steak and egg sandwich

These are a dialed up version of the classic steak and egg sandwiches and they’re delicious at whatever time of day – brunch, lunch, dinner, it’s all good!


Beloved by everyone, this lasagna is classic in flavour and true comforting soul food. This makes one big lasagne, or you can make two and freeze one for an easy future meal.

Hot and Sour Soup with Beef Dumplings

One of China’s most beloved flavour combos, this soup is warm, comforting and totally addictive. The Hot and Sour flavour profile is truly something special and yet, so easy to pull off midweek.
Make the dumplings ahead of time and keep a stash in the freezer for quick, simple meals.

Osso Bucco with Cauliflower Mash

Good things take time and this dish is definitely a good thing. Take the time to carefully brown everything at the start, it really makes a difference to the final flavour.

Beef Massaman Curry

Sweet, sour, hot and salty, it’s the beautiful balance of Thai food all in one lovely, family friendly curry. We love chillis on the side for those who want a little more heat.

Beef, Tomato and Mushroom Braise

This hearty braise becomes magic in the oven and is full of flavours the family will love. Use gravy beef and double the recipe – it freezes well for an easy future meal either tossed through pasta or even as a pie filling.

Spaghetti and Beef Meatballs

A family classic beloved by everyone. Our little hack? Roll up double the amount of meatballs and keep them in the freezer – it’s a great way to get dinner on the table, speedy quick!


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