4 recipes to get the kids in the kitchen with these school holidays


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4 recipes to get the kids in the kitchen with these school holidays

With school holidays kicking off this weekend, it is about now that many parents start scratching their heads about how to keep the kids entertained for the next two weeks.

While it may seem like a daunting and messy task, getting the kids in the kitchen can be a special way to spend quality family time. It also helps to get them trying new foods, all while teaching them important life skills.

If older kids are less than excited at the thought of cooking dinner, remind them that the cook doesn’t need to do the cleaning up.


Here are a few tasks you can get your kids helping with (under supervision).

  • 3-5 year olds: Washing fruits and vegetables with clean hands, mixing ingredients in a bowl, brushing oils/egg washes on foods
  • 6-7 year olds: Peeling vegetables, cracking an egg into a bowl, snapping green beans, loading the dishwasher, cutting herbs with scissors
  • 8-9 year olds: Using a can opener, beating eggs, pounding meat, juicing a lemon
  • 10-12 year olds: Boiling pasta, using a microwave, following a recipe, using the oven, simmering ingredients on the stove, slicing or chopping vegetables.

Playing around with different cuisines teaches children about the different ingredients used in these dishes - basil and oregano for Italian; lemon, garlic, yoghurt and parsley for Middle Eastern; and chilli, jalapeño and beans for Mexican.

Get your kids in the kitchen with these family favourites below or for more inspiration, check out our family favourites collection.


MONDAY: Kids’ Favourite Lasagne

Fuel hungry little mouths with this classic kid's lasagne. You can freeze the leftovers for up to 3 months, making this the perfect go-to meal.


Or: Beef and corn chip pie

Corn chips and mince are some of kids' favourites and here they are combined to make a great-tasting family pie - perfect for the weekend!


WEDNESDAY: Beef Steak Wraps

Easy to prepare, this recipe is perfect to get the whole family involved. Form an assembly line and get little hands in your family to get creative and help put together the ingredients.


SUNDAY: Easy Lamb Koftas

This easy and delicious lamb kofta recipe makes 10 skewers. As a family meal, or part of a barbecue selection, they are quick to prepare and great on their own, or served in a pita bread with your favourite sauce. This mixture can also be used to make tasty burgers; the same quantities will make around 6 burger patties.

Posted by Katrina Dixon