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The Best Songs To Cook To


We made a playlist of our favourite cooking songs. Turn it way up.

To many of us, food is better when music is involved. A restaurant without a soundtrack isn't one worth being in, and a silent kitchen isn't one worth cooking in. Whether you’re partial to some funk jams while grilling, Kiwi classic while on the BBQ, and Rock ballads while braising, the kitchens we love are never silent. Here at, we consider it our duty to fill the space with tunes that inspire the whole crew.

But what are the best artists to play while cooking? And which songs deliver the most attitude, energy, and fun into whatever's on the stove or in the oven? We're glad you asked, because we put together a playlist of our staffs’ all-time favorite cooking tunes for your enjoyment. So check out our Ultimate Cooking Playlist on Spotify, and turn up the volume a little. No, more. A little more. Yeah, that's good. These are a few of the songs and artists we love to cook to:

Tom Jones: “Burning Down The House” — “Great song to cook to, just don’t take it literally.” – Shawn, Marketing

Fleetwood Mac: “Go Your Own Way” — “I like listening to songs that help me unwind, let go and relax after a long working day. A song that I can sing along to and getting my kids to dance with me to… if I’m lucky.” – Fiona, Nutrition

Anna Coddington: “The Runner” — “I like it because I can move my hips while I shake…whatever needs shaking.” – Michelle, Events

Otis Redding: “(Sittin’ On) The Dock Of The Bay” — “I like some old school tunes when I'm cooking. They bring back the nostalgia of being in the kitchen when I was little.” – Katrina, Nutrition

The Beatles: “Come Together” — “Come Together” is my favourite Beatles song, so I usually put it on and end up listening to the whole of Abbey Road.” – Kit, Marketing

Fat Freddy’s Drop: “The Nod” — “When I’m cooking, I can’t go past the laid back Kiwi vibes of Freddy’s.” – Regina, Nutrition

Pink Floyd: “Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2” — “If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding! How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?!” – Rod, CEO

Jackie Wilson: “(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher & Higher” — “Anything that gets me dancing and singing in the kitchen is bound to make the food I cook taste even more delicious, because life is better with a happy soundtrack!” – Kat, Marketing

Marc Broussard: “Love And Happiness” — “I love a bit of Soul while I’m cooking, and this one really sets the tone.” – Pippa, Events

Jack Johnson: “Banana Pancakes” — “I am a big fan of Jack Johnson. Banana Pancakes is one of my go-to cleaning, cooking or chilling out songs. His chill vibe and soft beats help me to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day whilst cooking dinner.” – Brooke, Design

Def Leppard: “Pour Some Sugar On Me” — “Cooking should be fun. This song is fun.” – Antoinette, Finance

Beyonce: “Love On Top” — “This song could make scrubbing the kitchen floor seem fun.” – Megan, Events

Phil Collins: “You Can’t Hurry Love” — “I dare you not to sing along to this while you’re cooking.” – Lisa, Foodservice

Six60: “The Greatest” — “I listen to this song all the time so it makes sense that I’d listen to it while in the kitchen.” – Ashley, Marketing

Robbie Williams: “Somethin’ Stupid” — “I like to listen to a bit of everything in the kitchen, but I can’t go past Robbie.” – Heather, Receptionist

Posted by Shawn Moodie