Get the best pasta you can!


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Get the best pasta you can!


Affordable, pasta is a beloved way to feed a hungry family and when combined in a balanced meal, can be a healthy dinner on the table. Here we share some tips and tricks to getting the best pasta dinner on the table, courtesy of our friends at Delmaine.

  • Always add your pasta to boiling water, not before hand
  • Pasta will go cold faster than sauce, so always get everything ready before draining the pasta
  • If you want to mix your sauce through your pasta, rather than pouring on top, drain the pasta then return it to the pot and then add the sauce. Stir together and allow to settle in the pot, as the pasta sits in the sauce it will soak up the sauce flavours.
  • Always stir whatever pasta shape you’re cooking to avoid it clumping
  • Avoid adding oil to your pasta as it will cause the sauce to run off
  • Good pasta doesn’t need to be rinsed, as it will wash the natural starches away
  • Prepared pasta sauces are also great for using in soups, stews and other cooked dishes as well as being perfect as pizza toppings when thickened with tomato paste.
  • It’s notoriously difficult to get creamy sauces to stick to your pasta, but here’s how chefs do it. After you’ve drained your pasta from the water, grate and mix in some parmesan straight away. This gives the sauce something to stick to and also adds flavour.

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