Are you getting enough vege? Let our Salad Generator help you out!


| Nutrition | Are you getting enough vege? Let our Salad Generator help you out!

Are you getting enough vege? Let our Salad Generator help you out!


We’ve all heard the message to get our 5+ a day (plot twist: it’s now technically 7+ a day for Kiwi adults!). However, the majority of Kiwi adults still aren’t getting enough fruit and vege each day.

A recent report looking at the dietary habits of adult New Zealanders suggests only 32.8% of Kiwi adults met the recommended 3+ serves of vegetables and 2+ serves of fruit a day. Sadly, the results aren’t much better for Kiwi children either, with only 44.1% of children eating enough fruit and vege every day.

An easy way to increase vegetable and fruit intake is to serve them up in seasonal salads by combining wholegrains, some filling protein, and a tasty dressing. Salads have really taken on a new lease of life recently with the surge in popularity of poké bowls and the like – which is fundamentally a salad, and the best combination of everything wholesome and delicious in one dish!

The new recipes.co.nz Salad Generator, turns bland quinoa into a mind-blowing feast and an uninspiring lettuce into a delectable delight for your taste buds. The Salad Generator lets you pick what’s in the pantry or what’s tempting your taste buds and bing bang boom we turn that into a sensational salad with a scrumptious dressing to really ramp things up.

A salad is a great way to get a variety of nutrients in one go, and contrary to popular belief a salad can be a great lunch or dinner time meal. But to make a salad into a meal fit for the whole family it needs to be nourishing, filling and tasty. We’re not talking a side salad that consists of a few leaves, a slice of cucumber and a token piece of tomato on top, we’re talking about making a salad the main course.


Here are 5 tips to turn your salad into a sensational family meal:

  • The base - think wholegrains and carbohydrate foods like cooked kumara, bulghur wheat, or brown rice for longer lasting energy and fibre to support good gut health. The base should fill about 1/4 of your plate.
  • The produce - this is where the colour comes in - eating a rainbow of vegetables and fruit is a great way to increase the variety of vitamins and minerals in your diet. Fresh, canned or frozen and steamed all work well. Aim for about half a plate.
  • The protein - this makes the salad more filling and keeps us feeling satisfied. Aim for around 100 - 150grams of lean meats (such as beef or lamb), tofu, eggs, or seafood (or approximately 1/4 of your plate).
  • Toppings – get creative with toppings for flavour, crunch, and a little extra punch – nuts, seeds, or fresh chopped chilli if you like a bit of zing! These are like the confetti on top (so try not to overload your salad with them).
  • And the pièce de résistance is of course a flavourful dressing (because let’s be honest a salad without a dressing is just a bowl of leaves.)

EXTRA IRON TIP: If you’re a beef and lamb fan adding some meatballs, grilled lamb or sliced barbecued steak to your next salad makes for a match made in heaven. The vitamin C from vegetables and fruit, along with the addition of lean red meat increases the absorption of dietary iron from the whole meal.

Now all you have to think about is whether it’s a bowl or a plate kind of salad...

Every day is the perfect day for a fresh, healthy and tasty salad so head to the Salad Generator to find your perfect meal.

Posted by Joanna Bunt